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Our Mission

At Keystone Physical Therapy our mission is to provide wellness and physical healing to return you to your active lifestyle by utilizing only experienced physical therapists. We care that your experience is exceptional.

Our Vision

Megan started Keystone Physical Therapy in 2001, motivated by her desire to provide one-on-one rehabilitation. Previously, Megan worked for ten years under the large corporate health care physical therapy model. In the corporate model, the physical therapist performs the initial evaluation and subsequent appointments are typically with assistive personnel that do not have a physical therapy license. The physical therapist will sign the assistant’s notes, but the appointment is with the assistant not the physical therapist. Megan’s vision is to deliver physical therapy by a Physical Therapist for one hour appointments. Which is why Megan’s motto is: Physical Therapy should be performed by a Physical Therapist.


In the corporate model, the appointments are typically 30 minutes in length and much of this is spent in the gym without the trained eye of the physical therapist. Keystone’s beliefs are to only employ experienced, highly trained physical therapists and treat patients individually for a full hour. You are reevaluated at every visit and progressed appropriately. As mentioned, we are known for our manual therapy skills, and spend a great deal of your treatment providing hands on care. We have a fully equipped gym, and if indicated, use it as part of our rehab to teach you proper postures, biomechanics, and an exercise program. We use our equipment as an adjunct to our treatment program, and you are with a physical therapist at all times during your appointment. The majority of your time is in a private treatment room with your experienced therapist providing hands on care.